Happy ThanksgivingI consider myself fortunate to be a dual American-Canadian citizen. One of the benefits of this status: two Thanksgiving dinners, one in October and one in November.

When I celebrate with my offspring tomorrow, I’m not anticipating any contentious conversations. For some people, however, family gatherings can be a source of tension and anxiety, especially in today’s political environment.

If you’re nervous about chatting with Uncle Bob or Aunt Sadie, you might want to heed the advice in this New York Times article: “How to have a conversation with your angry uncle over Thanksgiving.” At first I thought this bot would be tongue in cheek, but it actually serves up very practical advice about finding common ground and engaging in conversation rather than argument.

If you find yourself at a holiday party and you’re uncomfortable about speaking to strangers, read what NPR’s Terry Gross has to say in this article: “How to talk to people.” I like her idea of starting with “Tell me about yourself” rather than “What do you do?”

If you celebrate Thanksgiving in November, I wish you a lovely, easygoing holiday!


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