PIC group photo
From left to right, Bert Freeman, Sue Horner, Jane Naczynski, Sharon Aschaiek

What a party! This year the Professional Independent Communicators (PIC) group celebrates its 20th anniversary as a thriving special interest group of IABC/Toronto and an essential resource for solo professionals within the chapter.

On June 14, 2018, some of us gathered at the Duke of York pub in Toronto to mark the occasion. During the evening I recorded quick conversations with some of the people there, including:

Sharon Aschaiek, Chair

John Bromley, Director of Programming

Sue Horner, Director of Communications

Melika Ramkissoon, Director of Membership

Bill Smith, Director of Social Media

Sharon McMillan, incoming co-Director of Programming

Judy Irwin, incoming co-Director of Programming

Barb Sawyers

Cathy Ledden

Cyrus Mavalwala

Eric Bergman

Irene Bakaric

Jacqui D’Eon

Jane Langille

Jane Naczynski (one of our founders!)

Kalene Morgan

Karen Hegmann

Leslie Hetherington

Mary Ann Gordon

Maryjane Martin

Patricia Burton

Priya Bates

Sheila Gregory

Veronica Feihl


Thanks to all who came out to celebrate. See the event photos here.

To learn more about PIC, visit PICToronto.com.


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