As you may know, I teach digital strategy and social media part time in the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto. Our students are busy, but I do recommend that they listen to podcasts while commuting or doing work around the house or garden, or walking the dog.

Here are the podcasts I most often recommend. Yes, I know there are LOTS of great podcasts out there, but these are the most relevant for our students, in my opinion.

For Immediate Release podcast

For Immediate Release, with Shel Holtz
FIR is a weekly conversation about what’s new in the world of PR, communications and technology. This is one of the first shows I ever listened to, and I remain a fan to this day, more than a decade later. In addition to Shel’s conversations with guests, you’ll also hear Dan York’s always-excellent tech report, from a communications point of view.

Inside PR

Inside PR
Hosted by Martin Waxman, Joe Thornley and Gini Dietrich, Inside PR is a short-but-sweet show that offers interesting insights into the world of public relations, particularly as it relates to social media.

Spin Sucks podcast

Spin Sucks
This new podcast from Gini Dietrich holds a lot of promise. I’ve listened to the first few episodes, and they are short and smart, with action you can take right now. For example, in one episode, Gini asks the questions you need to answer to establish your unique brand voice.


Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel serves up a show that’s all about digital marketing, with fascinating topics and guests. This podcast always makes you think.

Six Pixels of Separation podcast

So, go listen!


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