Monthly podcast listening stats in CanadaRecently I wrote about the 2018 version of the Edison Research report, The Infinite Dial, which covers consumer use of media and technology, and tracks new platforms as they develop.

Now, the researchers have also released – for the first time – a Canadian version of the latest numbers. As a podcast consultant and producer who works both in the U.S. and Canada, I’m happy to see this.

Here are the highlights from the data:

  • Monthly podcast listening is 28%, with 61% of Canadians 18+ being familiar with the term.
  • Canadian podcast listeners consume an average of five podcasts per week (vs. seven per week for Americans).
  • Smart speaker ownership is at 8% overall, with Google Home taking a larger share than the Amazon Echo in Canada. It’s interesting that about 17% of Americans own smart speakers. I wonder if adoption in Canada has lagged because these devices are more costly north of the border, or because initially they weren’t available in Canada.
  • Nearly half of all Canadians (49%) are weekly listeners to online audio, with Spotify leading in usage (16%). (Pandora is not available in Canada.)
  • As in the U.S., radio dominates in-car media consumption, with 64% of Canadians saying it is the audio source they use most in their cars.

In my work, I’m seeing more and more Canadian organizations starting podcasts. Just in the last quarter, I’ve been working with a major labour union, a philanthropy consulting firm, a medical organization, a real estate group, and a tech startup consulting firm. They’re seeing the value of the human touch of audio for reaching both internal and external audiences. And the trend line keeps rising.

You can read the Infinite Dial Canada 2018 report here.





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