microphoneThose of us in the podcasting universe eagerly await each year’s release of The Infinite Dial study from Edison Research, not because it offers any earth-shattering stats, but because it reinforces what we’re seeing in the business world and the marketplace, while alerting us to nascent trends.

The annual report, which dates back to 1998, covers consumer use of media and technology, and tracks new platforms as they develop and redefine the media landscape. The 2018 report spotlights the growth of smart speakers, those voice-controlled devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Highlights of the The Infinite Dial 2018 include:

  • Steady growth in podcasting, with 44% of Americans saying they have listened to a podcast (up from 40% last year)
  • For weekly listeners, the average number of podcasts consumed per week is now seven (up from five)
  • More people saying they listen most often in the car (22% up from 18% last year)
  • Increasing smart speaker ownership (now at 18% of Americans), with a corresponding decline in ownership of standalone radios.

And what are we seeing in the podcasting trenches? In my own practice, more and more organizations of all types are embracing the human touch of audio by producing podcasts for clients, employees and other stakeholder groups.

You can read the full The Infinite Dial 2018 report yourself.

Do you have a question about podcasting in your organization? Feel free to contact me.

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