hot air balloonMy friends know I’ve been teaching at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies for more than three years now, in the Digital Strategy and Communications Management certificate program. As we gear up for the fall semester, people have been asking about the program, so I thought I would share a link so you can peruse the school’s website yourself.

You can contact me directly if you have questions about the Foundations course, which I will be teaching on Tuesday nights at the St. George campus, as well as online. Last term, online students hailed from Michigan, Montreal, Mongolia and points in between.

I’ve been involved in this program since May 2014 and I have to say that each semester the course gets better and better, because we continually expand the content and the student experience.

We’ve received excellent ratings from students. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email: “You can tell your students that I am super grateful for having taken your course. It led me to write my own blog posts, which led me to marketing consulting clients, which led to my job as head of marketing, where I write blog posts about my company and industry, prolifically. Thus far, I have been quoted in four different articles in Forbes Magazine. So thanks. Your course was tough, with all the writing, and I am so very grateful that I took it. It literally has been a life changer…”

If you’d like to upgrade your digital skills, this might be the program for you. I’m looking forward to meeting a new crop of learners this fall. Maybe you will join them?

Illustration by my teaching colleague Alison Garwood-Jones.


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