The Blue Yeti

Podcasters like me own a surfeit of audio gear, as we should. But it’s my belief that all business people should have a few key pieces of basic audio equipment on hand. Why? To participate in a Skype call, to be a guest speaker on a webinar, to record narration for a video, or to be interviewed on a podcast, for starters.

Please don’t be that person who says things like:
“Sorry, I don’t have a microphone.”
“Can you interview me over the phone? I’ll be in my car driving through the Holland Tunnel.”
“Is the microphone built into my PC OK?”

If you want to sound professional, here are two simple suggestions that won’t blow your budget:

A Blue Yeti USB microphone, which looks cool and sounds very good for the price.
An Audio-Technica ATR2100 microphone, which works in both USB and XLR mode (meaning you can plug it into your computer or into a professional handheld digital recorder).

You’ll also need a set of headphones so sound doesn’t bleed out of your speakers. Buy whichever ones are comfortable on your head (not too tight, not too hot).

If you take my advice and invest in basic audio gear, you can shine during your next podcast interview or webinar.

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