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Marketing tip of the week

Before embarking on a content marketing program, here are three things to consider:

Getting started
Consider drawing up a content marketing statement of intent to be used within your organization. This would list your core audience, what types of content you want to share, and what benefits your audience expects. Try to put yourself in their shoes so you can best meet their needs. (This assumes you know your audience well, which is a prerequisite for successful content marketing.)

Finding content
You probably have a wealth of content within your organization already. Your job is to drag it out of hiding and repurpose and repackage it so that it’s on target, compelling, and tells a story that your audience wants to hear. Look in your physical and electronic files for white papers, special reports, podcasts, videos, articles, infographics, presentations and so on. Chances are you’ll find some great material that just needs to be updated and edited.

Should you kill your newsletter?
No. If people have entrusted their email address to you, you can help to meet their needs, and your own, with a well-written regularly published newsletter. For many of us, email newsletters and social media play well together.

One more thing: You can do this, no matter what industry you’re in. If you doubt me, read this post about “boring” companies that are succeeding with content marketing.

By the way, if you need help, I offer workshops and consulting to help you get started with content marketing and social media and keep the momentum going.

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  1. Great advice Donna, especially the first point. I’ve seen many organizations try to embark on a content strategy before they’ve nailed down their target audience. Taking the time to define and develop personas for your audience can seem tedious and unsexy but it really is the foundation for any communications endeavour.


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