content marketing imageContent marketing is one of my favourite subjects because it’s a way to help organizations – large and small – to reach a larger audience and accomplish their goals.

Here I’ve gathered some of my best resources about content marketing for you, along with external resources. I hope you find this helpful.

Let’s start off with two posts that define content marketing. The first is a slide show called “What is content marketing anyway?”

The second is an argument to not confuse content marketing with marketing in general.

If you prefer an audio format, this podcast explains content marketing.

Here is my post (almost a diatribe) about why we need to let content marketing and social media work hand in hand.

Last but not least, you can download my special report on content marketing here.

External resources
Follow the Content Marketing Institute for the latest developments in this area.
Check out this humorous look at content marketing: “Crap, the content marketing deluge.”

Learn more
If you’re in the Toronto area and you want to learn how to integrate content marketing and social media, please check out my upcoming workshop, called “Get known, get remembered and get business with content marketing and social media.” (A wordy title, I know.)

Eventbrite - Get known, get remembered, get business with content marketing and social media


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