The world of podcasting is ever changing, with new apps and tools being announced all the time. Today I thought I’d share with you two new(ish) tools that I’ve been using. Both have made my life easier and my production cycle more streamlined.

I’d heard of Zencastr and had added it to my growing list of “things to try.” Then Shel Holtz invited me to be a guest on his For Immediate Release Podcast and requested that his guests use Zencastr. Perfect. I tried it for his show and then for most of my own productions.

Here’s the deal: If you’ve ever conducted an interview over Skype and recorded with Pamela or Call Recorder, you know you’re subject to the vagaries of Skype. Sometimes the connection is pristine; at other times the audio is almost un-listenable. Zencastr saves the day by allowing you to record each guest on his own computer using a Web-based interface. So there’s nothing for your guest to install. He still needs to hook up a microphone and headphones, or a headset, but it’s an easy process for all but the most technophobic.

A few months ago, Zencastr offered only MP3 files. Now you can record your files as WAV (uncompressed) files for the highest quality. The developers also offer capabilities that I haven’t yet tried, such as automatic post-production.

Check out Zencastr and let me know what you think. Note: It is still in beta, so your mileage may vary. It’s free for now; a subscription model is in the works.

Simple Podcast Press
Simple Podcast Press
Just around the time I was revamping my main website, blog and podcast site, my developer alerted me to a new WordPress plug-in called Simple Podcast Press. I was immediately sold on it, thanks to the nice interface and functionality. What a treat that a few days later, I met the developer of the plug-n, Hani Mourra, at Podcamp Toronto. (Here’s my report on that event, by the way.)

Hani has developed something very useful for podcasters who want to make it easy for listeners to listen, download, rate the podcast on iTunes, see the show notes, and much more. Right now the plug-in costs $47 for a single license. Oh, and it plays nicely with my Libsyn hosting account, by the way.

You can watch Simple Podcast Press in action on my podcast page (image below). I should add: I like the plug-in so much, I’ve become an affiliate (and here’s the link).

Simple Podcast Press
You can customize the look and functionality of the Simple Podcast Press plug-in

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