Marketing tip of the week

typewriterMany of us love to use images to communicate these days, but words matter – a lot. Check out these three tips and please feel free to add your own in the comments.

Get to the point
When people read on the Web, they often scan the page for pertinent information. So cut the preamble and get to the point.

Stop capitalizing random words
One of the most common errors I see in clients’ writing is the Random capitalization of Words. (See what I did there?) There is no reason to cap the word marketing, for example, unless you’re writing about a specific Marketing Department.

Get someone to proof your copy
I just read an article that said, “He had spoke about it.” Immediately my opinion of the writer dropped by a huge margin because of his poor use of English. Can I trust anything else he says? Sure, it’s difficult to proof one’s own copy, although it’s possible. Much better: hire a copy editor or proofreader. If your message is important, it’s worth the cost.

Recommended reading
If you’re looking for great books to improve your writing, I can recommend three by friends of mine (affiliate links):
Everybody Writes, by Ann Handley
Why Your Writing Sucks, by Marcia Ross (Bonus: Listen to the podcast here.)
Write Like You Talk, Only Better, by Barb Sawyers (Bonus: Listen to the podcast here.)


  1. Great post, Donna. I think I would add some encouragement to punctuate correctly. I’m finding that many people have stopped using periods. You may be able to skip them in texting and social media, but they are absolutely vital in anything longer, like taking a breath when you’re talking. Many also don’t understand how a well-placed comma can add clarity. The most common mistakes involve apostrophes, so I strongly advise people to approach them with caution. Finally, use exclamation points only for a very good reason. Punctuate like pro.

  2. Excellent tips, Barb!!!!!! Just kidding.
    I agree that accurate punctuation is essential. Even though periods are perceived as testy in a text, they’re important in professional writing. Thanks for commenting.


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