6a00d8345169c669e2017d3c9a070f970c-piEarlier this month I put out a request via my newsletter for potential guests for my Trafcom News Podcast, which has been on an unplanned hiatus for a few months, in a classic case of “the cobbler’s children.” Since I am re-launching my website in 2016, I’m re-invigorating the show, too.

I’m looking for people to converse with me about communications strategies and tactics. These could relate to public relations, communications, social media, digital marketing and so on. If you haven’t already contacted me about being a guest on the podcast, please feel free to do so. I will acknowledge all emails.

I’m looking forward to announcing the first few guests for 2016. Stay tuned!

It’s funny, but seeing this very kind mention from Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks fame has lit a fire under me about approaching my own show with renewed energy in the new year. Thanks, Gini!





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