bloggingI’ve written before about the classes I’m teaching at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. This is always a fun point in the course, when the students start blogging in earnest. This afternoon I spoke with one of my students, who was positively buzzing with excitement at the prospect of sharing her creativity and her ideas through her brand-new blog.

For your reading pleasure – from vegan food to First Nations issues to parenting to art, improv, organization, laughter and much more – here are the blogs of the students in my sections, to date:

Advanced Beauty Blog
Andrea’s Canadian Stories
Berard North America
Canadian Automotive Professional
Ever Changing Chameleon
First Time Dad!
Go Healthy Food
Implications of the Digital Order on Being Human
Let Go Live and Laugh
Mighty Invisible
Om Organization
Paperless: A Personal Journey
Passion Project Challenge
Perhaps, Why Not?
Raise the Mind
Riding the Train of Life
Room by Room
Salt and Cocoa
Succulents in the City
The 4th Culture
The Improvisational Leader
The Sketchy Mom
The Subway Scene
The Wait Game
Traveling with Luke
Vegan From the 6
Walk the Aisle with Me
Wandering Mind

My colleague Diane Begin, who is also teaching the Foundations class this semester, had already posted links to her students’ blogs as I was working on my post. (She is far more organized than I.)

If you want to keep up with some of the insights, tips and questions from the students on Twitter, follow our #digitaledu hashtag.



  1. Wow! My blog featured on a R*E*A*L blog! Thanks Donna for all the guidance and feedback! I am truly enjoying classes. Having lots of fun in my new life as a blogger.

  2. Interesting how a title can pique your interest. The one title that popped off the list at me and seemed to stand out over all others when I glanced at this list is “Paperless: A personal journey.”

    • Hope you had a moment to take a look at “Paperless: A personal journey”. If not and you are interested, I have included a link to my first post “Journey to Paperless.”. Please let me know if the blog meets your expectations.


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