I don’t know about you, but it seems I’m hearing about podcasting everywhere I turn. Just this week, I was mailing copies of our new podcasting book at my local Canada Post outlet, and the postie took one look and said, “You wrote this? Can I get a copy?” Yes, even the fellow selling postage is a would-be podcaster. He wants to launch a comedy show.

How about you? Are you excited by the prospect of podcasting, but find the whole idea too challenging? Or have you thought about using audio on your website or blog but don’t know where to start? Then come to the Toronto Podcasting Workshop on November 5 to get your questions answered.

Some of the things we’ll cover include:

  • What podcasting is all about, and why it seems so hot right now
  • Why good sound matters in audio, video and other multimedia presentations
  • How to record, edit and produce audio clips and podcasts with both mobile and desktop devices
  • How to write an audio script; when NOT to use a script
  • An overview of popular, inexpensive gear
  • How to make money podcasting, and how to use a podcast as a form of content marketing
  • And much more.

Content for this new workshop is being developed; when you register, feel free to email me with suggested topics to include.

Each attendee will receive a copy of the newly published book, The Business of Podcasting, by Steve Lubetkin and Donna Papacosta, valued at $32.97 Cdn.


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