When I was at NMX in Vegas a few weeks ago, something Mark Ramsay said resonated with me: “People don’t share audio. They share conversations about audio.”

Well, this may change. Soon.

Shortly after Mark’s presentation, I met Parviz Parvizi, on the team of a new app called Clammr. Guess what? Clammr aims to be the Instagram of audio, allowing us to quickly share snippets of sound. This would be a boon for podcasters seeking to build their audiences.

ClammrOver the next few weeks I hope to put Clammr through its paces for my own podcast and for those of some clients. Stay tuned for a report in the future.

For now, here is my recap of the overall NMX show.

And here is a Clammr (edits are a little rough to meet 17-second limit).

You can download the Clammr app (iPhone only for now) here.

Have you tried Clammr? Please let me know in the comments.

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