orange purseLately everyone’s talking about the podcasting renaissance.

I must inform you I was aware of this trend earlier than anyone else, thanks to The Claire Index. Unknown to most prognosticators, The Claire Index (TCI for short) reveals emerging trends in both fashion and technology based on my 20-something daughter Claire’s tastes. Stay with me here!

You see, about three years ago Claire came home from shopping with a bright orange purse. I thought it was a joke. Who wants to walk around toting a fluorescent handbag?

Apparently a lot of people.

About six months after my daughter’s purchase, I began to notice fashionably dressed women in New York and Toronto carrying bright orange bags. So, Claire was on trend. Again. (She owned half-leather, half-fabric pants before anyone I know. Ditto Lululemon yoga pants. Oversized men’s sweaters. You get the idea.)

A couple of months ago, Claire waltzed into the kitchen and asked, “Have you been listening to the Serial podcast? It’s amazing! And did you hear the Alec Baldwin podcast where he interviewed Jerry Seinfeld?” (She knows I’m a fan.)

I spun around in my chair. “Claire, YOU are listening to podcasts?”

“Sure,” she said. “I even bought the app for This American Life because I don’t want to miss any episodes.”

I may have rubbed my hands together with glee. If it were possible to buy stock in podcasting, I would have called my broker immediately.

Yes, I knew the popularity of podcasting would go through the roof. The TCI told me so.

Do you need hard evidence? Edison Research reported in April 2014 that 39 million people had listened to a podcast in the previous month, the highest number on record.

A recent article in New York magazine also confirms the trend. “What’s behind the great podcast renaissance” explains some of the reasons behind the surge in podcast popularity, including the ease with which people can now play episodes in their cars.

Week in and week out I’m witnessing renewed interest in podcasting in my own universe. People who used to ask, “What’s a podcast?” are now saying, “Hey, maybe it’s time we developed a podcast for our business.”

For those of us in the podcast game since Year One (OK, 2004 or 2005), this rebirth is welcome and not surprising. After all, we recognized the value of podcasting almost a decade ago, when producing and consuming podcasts was a lot more complicated than it is today.

Are you seeing the podcasting renaissance in your world?

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