book-coverAs you may know, Steve Lubetkin and I are working on a book called The Business of Podcasting. Unlike other podcasting books that delve into the mechanics of creating a podcast, The Business of Podcasting tells you about the business side of the craft: the best business models for making money (realistically!), how to position clients’ expertise through podcasting, how to find clients, legal reviews, IT pushback, and much more.

We will also include chapters on achieving great sound, the kinds of equipment to stock in your studio, and editing techniques, but our primary focus will be on helping you learn the best practices for making money from podcasting.

Steve and I recently recorded a conversation about the book and the topics we’re going to cover. You can listen to it here.

Do you have a question about podcasting? Perhaps something you really want us to cover in the book? If so, you can post your question here on the blog or email Steve and me at

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Writer, speaker, podcaster, communications and social media consultant, workshop leader and part-time university instructor. As a consultant, I emphasize the importance of storytelling and relationship-building, and enjoy helping people understand how today’s technology, combined with tried-and-true tactics, can help them communicate better with employees, customers and prospects.


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