writingExcerpt from The Podcast Scripting Book.

Your podcast should reflect you and your goals. If you’re just beginning to podcast, you may be looking for ideas for structuring your show and your script, if you’re using one. Here are a few to get you started.

Welcome and introduction to the show
This explains quickly what the show in general is about. Don’t be too repetitive here. Some podcasters repeat their name and the show name three or four times. That’s too much! And please, don’t tell us several times how “excited” you are about today’s show. This gets old quickly.

Introduction of the episode topic
What’s the benefit to your audience? Be short and sweet here and give us a teaser so we’ll keep listening.

Topic or interview
If it’s just you talking, be sure to outline your main points so you don’t forget something important. If you have a guest on your show, introduce him graciously and generously, and point out his credentials. Then get right into the meat of the content.

Because your listeners don’t have visual cues, it’s helpful to wrap up the podcast with a recap of main points. Do you have a call to action? Mention it now.

I suggest you save promos, comments, “housekeeping items” and other such content for the end. Don’t make me listen to your podcast for 10 minutes before I derive some value from it. Be sure to tell listeners where to reach you via the Web, email, phone, etc.

You may also decide to add musical bumpers between segments.

Get more tips like this in The Podcast Scripting Book.


  1. Good stuff Donna. Too many people rely on the “tech” and not enough on the performance of the program. It’s no wonder professional voice talent think of “podcasting” as amateur hour.


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