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New workshop! Sound Matters


Have you thought about using audio on your website or blog but don’t know where to start? Have you produced in-house videos that were marred by lousy sound? Is a podcast on your marketing to-do list? Then come to the Sound Matters workshop on July 10 to get your questions answered.

Some of the things we’ll cover include:

  • Why good sound matters in audio, video and other multimedia presentations
  • How to capture the clearest sound possible with the gear you have
  • How to record, edit and produce audio clips and podcasts with both mobile and desktop devices
  • Audio storytelling techniques
  • How to write a script; when NOT to script
  • How to read a script naturally
  • How to marry audio and slides to produce video-like presentations, quickly and easily
  • An overview of popular, inexpensive gear
  • Much more!

UPDATE: Please note this event has been postponed.



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