Social Media WorkshopI’m not sure if spring is in the air (it’s still freakishly cold in Toronto), or if something has happened to the alignment of the planets, but my inbox in the past week has been filled with offers containing ridiculous claims about profiting from social media.

So let me please tell you about my upcoming Hands-on Social Media Workshop, which will not:

  • Teach you everything you need to know to earn $200K per year “doing” social media
  • Promise you life on Easy Street with insider knowledge of the “secrets” of social media.

Here’s what my workshop DOES promise:

  • A comfortable environment where you can ask questions and get honest answers, in a friendly small group.
  • Advice about developing a strategy for using social media in your communications and/or marketing.
  • Up-to-date information about the latest social media tactics and tools that are relevant for intelligent, ethical business people.
  • Tips to help you be more productive with your use of social media.
  • Suggestions of resources to help you keep learning about social media, because it’s constantly changing.

Only a few spots remain in the workshop on March 28 in Toronto. I hope you’ll join us. Questions? Email me.

We’ll be serving a nice lunch at the Verity Club, too. No snake oil!
Eventbrite - Hands-on Social Media Workshop


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