marketing with social content logoI’ve designed a new workshop to answer the most common questions I hear from solopreneurs, writers, editors, consultants and small business owners who want to get known, get remembered and get business.

Knowing how to tweet or post to Facebook is not enough. To achieve success, you need a vibrant personal brand, a marketing strategy and a process for producing and sharing great content. This workshop in Toronto on April 4 will help you accomplish this.

You’ll learn about:

  • Thinking like a publisher and developing a strategy
  • Establishing yourself in a niche as a thought leader
  • Why you need to blog; how to blog
  • Finding and sharing great content
  • Curating content vs. creating original content
  • Helpful cool tools, including Delicious, Buffer, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Slideshare, and others
  • Streamlining your workflow so you don’t spend all day tweeting
  • Measuring success
  • And more!

UPDATE: This workshop has been postponed.


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