My latest publication, The Podcast Scripting Book, is now available on the Kindle store.

Among other things, The Podcast Scripting Book explores:

  • When you should script your podcast.
  • When you should not script your podcast.
  • How to write an effective podcast script.
  • How to read a podcast script naturally.

The book also includes results of a survey of podcasters who share their reasons for scripting – and for not scripting.

If you’re currently podcasting, or thinking of getting started, get your copy and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your leaving comments on the Kindle page. Thanks!


  1. Just finished reading this document, Donna. It was so very helpful. My only complaint is that I wasn’t aware of this before I produced my first podcast 🙂 At least I have four more “humility podcasts” to go. As a new podcaster, this book answered several questions I had in mind, and also made me aware about various things I unaware of. The script example you provided from one of your podcasts was particularly helpful. I will be referring back to this book as I continue on in my podcasting journey. Thanks so much for making it available and sharing your expertise in this area!


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