#Podcast1BillionApple recently announced its milestone of 1 billion podcast subscriptions. To mark this occasion, I had noted it on Facebook, which led a few friends to ask me to suggest podcasts they might listen to.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and rely on them for learning and entertainment. When I spent 10 hours in my car on a recent long weekend, podcasts kept my mind busy. When I work out at the gym, my iPod and noise-cancelling headset transport me to a quiet world full of interesting people.

And I’m a podcast producer, too. In 2005 I began publishing the Trafcom News Podcast, as well as podcasts for clients.

To answer my friends’ queries, I’m sharing some great podcasts here, but please note that I called this post “our” favourites, not “my,” because I want to hear from YOU. Please share YOUR favourite podcast in the comments, not just with a name, but with a few words about why you like it so much.

Happy listening.

Here’s my (unranked) list.

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report
This is the podcast I always listen to, and have in fact listened to faithfully since I discovered it in early 2005. Each Monday, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson share the latest news and insights on public relations, communications and technology, with the help of a few regular contributors. If you work in communications, this show is a must-listen. (Yes, that’s my voice at the end explaining how to comment on the show.)

Inside PR
Another great show for public relations practitioners, Inside PR brings you the views of three seasoned pros: Joe Thornley, Gini Dietrich and Martin Waxman. The show is short, sweet, and fun to listen to.

Mitch Joel
Mitch Joel

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel’s podcast is all about marketing, social media and business. He has some great guests, too. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Marketing Over Coffee
Fast-talking Chris Penn and John Wall always deliver the goods in their marketing-related show. Each week, you’re likely to hear something you can use in your daily work.

Social Pros Podcast
This one has been out a while, but I confess I just started listening. Jay Baer has had some fascinating conversations with people who do social media for a living. If you live in the social world, check this one out.

The Engaging Brand
Anna Farmery, with her delightful Yorkshire accent, has been producing The Engaging Brand for a long time, covering social business, branding and other interesting topics.

The Dan York Report
I’ve always felt that I really get to know people when I listen to them week after week, with their voices entering my head through earbuds. Dan York is one of these people, thanks to his regular contributions to the For Immediate Release podcast. In his own podcast, Dan delivers short reports on topics of interest to communicators, and also shares some of his insights while traveling for the Internet Society.

Digital Flotsam
This beautifully produced show by master storyteller P.W. Fenton is a joy to listen to. I’ve found myself laughing out loud or crying with P.W.’s words in my head.

NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
I confess I’m way behind on my listening for this show, which is consistently smart and funny. Be forewarned: You may start to laugh out loud in public, as I have done on the GO train.

Alec Baldwin podcast

Here’s the Thing
Love or hate Alec Baldwin, he has a voice made for audio, and he knows some very interesting people. If you enjoy hearing conversations with the likes of Billy Joel, Dick Cavett, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, this is a podcast for you.

I do listen to other shows now and again, but the above are the ones I usually subscribe to. Now it’s YOUR turn. Which shows do you like?



  1. I would throw these into the ring.

    I am really enjoying Spark, I have always loved The Accidental Creative as well which always inspires me to think differently and also Debbie Millman who interviews leading design figures.

    You will see a design/creative influence here…I like to listen to podcasts outside my expertise to learn different perspectives and approaches?

    As you know Donna….I have been a listener to Trafcom news since the start and have to congratulate you on maintaining an incredibly high standard…..and will always love that voice of yours!

  2. I am very hooked on podcasts, here are some of my favorites:
    99% invisible, I love Roman Mars’ voice, and his great way of telling stories. It is a podcast about design, but in a very human way, so that everybody can enjoy the World we are living in better. Some of my favorite episodes are The blue yarn, Free parking, Wild ones live, Icon for access and DIY spacesuit.
    NPR: Snap Judgment, I just like their beat, and the fast paced way of telling stories.
    KCRW’s Strangers. I love Lea Thau, and her way of seeing that strangers are kind and good. Favorite episodes are Big jim and Smokey Joe, Man on fire and Little orphan Edie.

    There are many more, but these are currently some of my favorites.


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