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Two interviews to enhance your career


One of the things that gives me joy is interviewing smart people and then sharing the chats with you on my Trafcom News Podcast. Recently I had the chance to speak with two very interesting guys: Mitch Joel and Rob Biesenbach.

Mitch Joel
Mitch Joel

I’ve known Mitch for years, and recommend his books to my clients and colleagues. Earlier in June, Mitch and I talked about how business has changed. Forever. In his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch says we have to reboot our business models. If we fail to do this, not only will our businesses begin to slide backwards, but we may find ourselves unemployable. If you plan on working longer than the next five years, Mitch’s book is a must-read. As a prelude to the book, check out this interview with him.

Rob Biesenbach
Rob Biesenbach

The next chat I’d like to share with you contains insights that can boost your communications abilities in business – and in life. Listen to the conversation with Rob Biesenbach, author of the book Act Like You Mean Business, and find out what The Fugitive and Saturday Night Live have to do with business communications. Rob’s fascinating premise is that we can apply not only storytelling principles to communications, but acting techniques as well, without being a big phony. You can listen to Rob here.

So there you go. Digital marketing, storytelling and acting, packaged in two 20-minute interviews. I hope you enjoy these conversations.




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