checkmarkWhen you’re involved in an event, especially one with a charitable goal, you want everyone you know to be aware of it. If your event organizers are social media savvy, they will advise you on how to promote the event using the social media channels they have set up.

Here are a few of the tips I usually share when I’m involved in event marketing and promotion.

Tell your friends about the event
As soon as you know the date of the event, send a “Save the Date” email to your friends, family and colleagues. Let them know why you care about this event.

Like and follow the event
Take a few minutes to “like” the event’s Facebook page and follow the event’s Twitter feed. Every few days, “like” a post on the Facebook page or retweet one of the tweets, so your friends can be aware of your interest. It helps to spread the word.

Find out what the event hashtag is. Use it!
Whenever you tweet or blog about the event, use the hashtag approved by the event organizer. This helps to aggregate search results for the event and assists the organizers with measurement.

Keep your friends in the loop
Invite your friends to “like” the event’s Facebook page. As the date approaches, remind your friends of the upcoming event using Facebook posts, Twitter updates or updates on other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Google+. If you blog, mention the event to your readers, if this message is appropriate for your audience.

At the event
Share photos, videos, audio clips, tweets and Facebook updates at the event. Use the hashtag. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or other social media, you can help to build buzz, especially if the event lasts longer than a day. People may see your tweet on Friday and come out on Saturday or Sunday.

After the event
Talk about the success of the event on your blog, in your Twitter feed and on Facebook. Share photos, audio clips and videos. Sign up to volunteer next year!


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