The view outside my office this week.

It’s frosty outside, but inside my office where I’ve collected these links for you, it’s toasty warm. Well, it’s almost comfortable, actually. I’m trying to be green!

Here are some interesting communications-related stories spotted this week:

The key to authentic speaking
Blogger Michelle Mazur maintains that we need to be authentic to be effective as speakers. She adds: “The main difference between speaking and acting is this: speaking is about your audience and connecting with them while acting is about entertaining.” Hmm. Have you ever watched a speaker at a conference who thinks he’s on the Broadway stage? I have.  Read the post here.

Nine secrets for awesome blog post titles
Every blogger faces the challenge of getting people to click through to their precious prose when the title flashes by in an RSS feed or on Twitter or elsewhere. In this post,  Tracy Gold shares nine tips for crafting compelling blog titles. For example: Use numbered lists. They work! Read the post here.

Five examples of real-world companies using content curation
If you know me, you’re aware I’m an avid curator and a proponent of content curation as part of a marketing and communications strategy. In this post, Pawan Deshpande shares fascinating examples of curation in action, from such diverse organizations as the United Nations, Openview Labs and the Oregon Wine Board. Read the post here.

News releases as part of your content strategy
My friend Shel Holtz says: “The press release, when executed well, conveys genuine company news of interest to a variety of audiences, from investors to customers to specialized audiences.” He believes that the release can be an integral part of your content marketing efforts. This makes sense to me. (I also share Shel’s disappointment that the SHIFT Communications announcement of the updated social media news release template didn’t  garner more attention.) Read the post here.

The best writing is rewriting
I loved this piece in The Atlantic, which features quotes from great writers about the pain and pleasure of rewriting. Read it here.

Podcasting tips
In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I offer you the newly updated Podcaster’s Checklist from my Trafcom News Blog. I’m sharing it because people tell me they find it useful. In the same vein, here is advice for those invited to be guests on a podcast.

For more links, see my Delicious account.

Have a wonderful week!


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