The Trafcom News Blog, the Trafcom News Podcast and the Trafalgar Communications website have been redesigned using a responsive WordPress theme, which renders it nicely on a multitude of devices.

Kudos to Avi Lambert for his mad skilz at web development. I couldn’t have done it without him, especially the transfer of more than 600 blog posts from Typepad. (Believe it or not, I deleted more than 200 posts before the big move.) Avi has been a joy to work with and I recommend him if you need help with online development.

Please don’t be surprised if you discover broken links or other oddities. Avi is still working on internal links, and I’m tinkering with the players on the back catalogue of podcasts.

I do welcome your comments about the blog, the podcast and the website, including constructive criticism. And please feel free to like, share, tweet and +1 the blog posts and podcasts. One of the casualties of the transfer was the loss of all those nice social sharing numbers!





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