I know that social media cannot be the be all and the end all of our marketing efforts. But you can’t deny the value of social media for driving traffic to your blog. My new Trafcom News Blog, which contains hundreds of posts transferred over from my previous presence on TypePad, is still wearing its training wheels as far as SEO is concerned. Fortunately, when I look at my analytics, I see that posting updates to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and also publishing “newspapers” on paper.li have combined to drive a large percentage of the referral traffic to my blog. Of course many of these links originated with other people who shared my own posts.

Screenshot 2013-01-29 1:20 PM

The lesson here?

1. Create the content.
2. Share it on social media. Share content produced by others too.
3. Rinse and repeat.

Yes, of course you have to have a marketing strategy and set your goals; these are givens. But if you want to get known, get remembered and get business, try creating content consistently and sharing it with your networks every day.


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