writing“Should I write a script for my podcast?”

This is the most common question I hear from new podcasters. My answer: Sure, you could script your introduction and ending, but don’t write down your whole podcast word for word, unless you are totally confident in your skills as a voice performer (and most of us are not).

Overall, think of the most compelling way to share your story. Should it be conversational, highly polished or something in between?

I’ve written and spoken further on this topic in these posts:

What do you think? If you’re a podcaster, do you script yourself?

UPDATE: The Podcast Scripting Book is now available. Read all about this topic in one handy book.


  1. We script intros and outros, and for some clients in heavily regulated industries, we prepare scripts in advance for legal review. It’s a lot easier to get lawyers to approve a script in advance and stick to it than to have them picking apart the recording afterward and having to reassemble the guests and re-record the interviews.

  2. Yes, I agree that’s one of the times when you need a script. I think I get into that point in one of my longer posts. I have one client where we record an unscripted interview, then send a transcript to the Legal department for review. Only once have they asked for an edit. 😉

    Steve, do you have to coach the clients so they don’t sound stilted when they read?


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