IStock_000015344866whatsyourstoryXSmall I’m back from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) world conference in San Diego (although my body still thinks I’m in California). My schedule is nuts for the next week, so the blog post I’ve written in my head will take a while to jot down. (UPDATE: The post is now online here.) In the meantime, I’m sharing the handouts from my presentation on digital storytelling as well as the audio recording, since some of my friends have asked for it. (Warning: the handouts won’t make much sense without the audio.)

Synching the slides and audio into a video will be a great project for my summer assistant. I’ll let you know if this happens. UPDATE: Below you can now listen to the audio while watching the slides, including the videos shown during the presentation.

You can listen to the audio and see the handouts:

Click here for audio.

Click here for handouts.

And, here are the slides as an embed:

UPDATE: List of videos included in my presentation


  1. I didn’t attend your session in person because you have promised to do it again for IABC in Toronto, but I couldn’t resist sneaking a preview. Great content, great stories and helpful tips, and your sense of humour is just icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joy, I’m glad you liked it. After I posted the handouts, it occurred to me that I should have included links to the videos. I will update the post shortly to include these links. (And soon I will post a video of the whole presentation with the embedded videos.)

    I appreciate the reminder!


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