Eric Finally, a book about social marketing for business (not just consumer) marketers!

Listen to Eric Schwartzman, co-author (with Paul Gillin) of Social Marketing to the Business Customer, talk about how business-to-business companies can use social media to listen to the market, generate leads and build client relationships.

On the Trafcom News Podcast blog you can read the show notes and listen to the podcast interview. Please let me know what you think!



  1. A typical SEO undertaking is multi-staged and consists of link building which aims at linking the website to other meaningful websites hence opening them up to the traffic experienced by these websites.

  2. there are many methods to drive traffic. and rocking-ly yea twitter is one of them.. i can say yeah!! and most off all do you know that blog hopping, joining their conversation and share some ideas helps too?

  3. Nice! Social media is no doubt beneficial to any company out there. Being able to connect with your target audience on a daily basis is probably one of the most important things a company can do to establish a positive reputation.


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