Second in a series of answers to questions from students at the University of Toronto. Click here to see the first Q&A, which was on "coming up with podcast ideas."

Question: How many podcasts would you say someone should dedicate to the same topic, which they are thinking of talking about in sequence?

Answer: I think what you’re asking is how much time to devote to a topic in a series within a podcast. In other words, if you produce a podcast on a particular subject, say knitting, then you would do a series of episodes on yarns. (Confession: I know nothing at all about knitting, but I do know that several knitting podcasts exist!)

In my experience, it would be a good idea to jot down what you want to cover, and then decide how many podcasts you would need to do the topic justice. If your podcast is usually short, you’d have to create more episodes on yarn than you would for a one-hour podcast.

Then tell your listeners that you’re doing the series. If you’re sure you will need three or five or six episodes, then you can also let them know how many are in the series.

I hope this helps.           

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