Istock_teenphonesmall Yes, that’s right. Social media is not just for kids.

In almost every discussion with clients about social media, the subject comes up: Is social media just for “young” people? The answer is NO, NO and NO. A thousand times no.

Coincidentally, I was at an event recently where a woman (who appears to be younger than I) said something like: “We’ll let the young people figure out all this online stuff, and then we’ll see.” By the way, she was referring to a piece of software that’s been around for more than 18 months, but I digress.

Maybe I’m getting sensitive about this subject since joining the over-50 club myself, but I just don’t understand the attitude that social media and technology are reserved for people under 30. Or 40. Or 20.

That’s why I love this post by Peter Shankman, which includes this video from AARP (yes, the association for retired folks; in Canada the equivalent is CARP). These statistics should quell the questions about whether anyone with gray hair can manipulate an iPhone or post an update to Facebook.





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  1. I hear you, Bill. One of my aunts, who is 90, loves playing with cameras, printers and computers. She is a talented photographer and enjoys using technology. On my bulletin board is an oversized (maybe 1 x 2 foot) print she sent me of one of my photos from Greece.

  2. I totally agree with you social media is not meant for the young alone. Every one who can navigate the World Wide Web can participate at any social network. Young and old or not so old bears no bearing whether they can join the social group or not. 🙂


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