Sure, podcasting did not exist when I wielded cracked crayons and blunt scissors in kindergarten at P.S. 166 in Queens, New York. But please allow me my metaphor, OK? 😉


Don’t grab all the toys at once
If you’re just beginning to podcast, you don’t need to stuff your toybox with every available audio gadget. Start off with an inexpensive microphone and a free copy of Audacity.

Play nice with others
Before you start podcasting, listen to others’ shows. Take the time to comment constructively on their efforts and encourage them to submit comments to you in return.

Remember what you learned in preschool (Comms 101)
Just because you’re using a nifty new tool, don’t abandon everything else you know about communications. You still need to concern yourself with your goal, your audience and your key messages, being ever mindful of structure and tone.

Use your indoor voice
If you’re not accustomed to speaking professionally, try to get someone to evaluate your style. Most newbies err in talking too fast. Pace yourself, and remember to pause – to give your listeners time to take in what you’ve just said. Experiment with microphone placement, which is crucial for a good recording. If your accent is thicker than peanut butter, get some coaching.

Learn your ABCs
Podcasting is about more than talking. Try creating show notes that link to the things you’ve discussed in your show; listeners will appreciate your efforts to be helpful. These text-based notes will also allow search engines to find your podcast and its keywords.

Be yourself
Most importantly, be yourself, let your personality shine through, and have fun. You’ll make friends and learn a lot about yourself while you gain new skills.

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(Updated from a post written originally in January 2006.)


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