As someone who has been producing audio since 2003, I consider podcasts part of my natural way to communicate. When people ask me about the value of adding audio to the communications mix, I start with these 12 benefits of podcasting:

  1. Establish your organization’s leaders as experts in their niche.
  2. Help to deliver the CEO’s message to employees using the warmth of the human voice in addition to traditional text channels.
  3. Create a “radio show” to educate customers and prospects.
  4. Add life to case studies by producing audio interviews with your staff and customers.
  5. Showcase the work of your nonprofit organization and its people by interviewing those who benefit from the work you do.
  6. Build buzz before a trade show by highlighting key speakers and influencers.
  7. Capture the excitement of your company’s conference or sales meeting for the benefit of those not in attendance.
  8. Give your employees an audio version of the company news as an adjunct to the newsletter; they can listen while commuting or at the gym.
  9. Bolster your training efforts by adding an audio component; some people learn best while listening.
  10. Remember that customers and prospects can easily subscribe to your podcast; this means that they are asking you for more content!
  11. Podcasting is relatively inexpensive; you can start with free tools.
  12. Podcasting can be fun and rewarding when done right.

What would you add to this list?




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