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Question from Tamara Chandon:
Answer: That depends on the listener. The podcasts that I think are amazing might sound boring to my best friend. A podcast that someone else likes might seem frivolous to me. We all have different tastes in books, movies, food, clothes… and podcasts. But it’s still a good question, because I think there are certain hallmarks of excellent podcasts, in my humble opinion:

  • Easy to find and subscribe to
  • Content meaningful to the intended audience
  • Little or no fluff or filler content
  • A point of view
  • A conversational tone (especially if more than one speaker)
  • Good sound quality, including uniform levels
  • Educational or entertaining or (preferably) both

Personally, I like to learn from podcasts, and I usually listen at the gym. So the content has to be relevant to me, and the sound quality has to be good because I refuse to crank up the volume too high.

I’ll flip it back to you. What makes for an amazing podcast?


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