In this guide to writing a non-fiction book quickly and painlessly, Paul Lima outlines the entire process step by step, emphasizing that:

  • It takes an idea.
  • It takes purpose.
  • It takes knowledge of your reader.
  • It takes time.

But that’s not all. He goes into great detail, with an engaging and highly readable approach, sharing his hard-won advice on how you can get organized, conduct your research, produce an outline, and then start churning out copy. He also shares his successful experience with publishing on demand through

I wish I’d had Paul’s How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days when I wrote a parenting book about 10 years ago. I stumbled my way through the process, and I happened  upon some of the techniques that he describes in the book. However, if you have a book in you – waiting to get out –  I’d advise that you avoid the trip-ups typical of the first-time author, and follow Paul’s guidance instead. You’ll be glad you did.

Paul Lima is a freelance writer, author and writing trainer. You can read more about his books online at You’ll find this particular title here.


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