Deborah Zanke writes the Message Communications blog, which specializes in PR for nonprofits. If you’re in this sector, you really should subscribe to it.

In her latest post, Deborah shares some insightful advice for those working on annual reports.

The standard format comprises a chronological review of all of the organization’s activities for the year divided by department or service area. It also includes the obligatory pie/bar graph illustrating service statistics, the entire audited financial statement and the donor thank you list. Ho hum.

You can turn the annual report into an effective vehicle to communicate with stakeholders while including the above information, but if you don’t treat it like the creative, branding opportunity it is, it’s a waste of money.

If you work for a nonprofit, go to her blog to read the whole thing.

I’m hoping that Deborah participates in Big Ideas, Small Budget. Will you be on the call?


  1. Thanks for the mention Donna. I’m looking forward to Big Ideas, Small Budget and really hope to participate but travel that day might prevent me from doing so. It’s a fabulous idea for a podcast.



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