Consultants, read this! Debbie Bermont shares her tips on when to walk away from potential new business. My favourite from her list:

#3: The customer expects you to invest time and resources into pursuing their business without any financial commitment on their end.

Starting out, we all experience this: rounds of endless meetings where you share lots of “free” advice. At the end of it all, you realize that the prospect falls into #2 on Bermont’s list:

#2: The customer does not appreciate the value of what you offer. [Not enough to pay for it, anyway.]

Hat tip to the savvy BL Ochman. You subscribe to her What’s Next blog, right?

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  1. Oh, so true. Thanks for pointing to the list Donna. It’s always good to see something like this, then compare it to what’s happening in your own business. Unfortunately, #2 is all too common!

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if every consultant posted this on his/her blog or site?

    we could start money conversations on a different level!

    thanks for the kind words about my blog!


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