Istock_applemp3smI’ve been remiss in keeping up with my regular podcasting secrets, so today I’m getting back on track…

Well, you’ve created a few episodes of your podcast and you’re pretty proud of yourself. Now it’s time to tell the world. So you make a list of the main podcast directories on the Web (Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, Yahoo Podcasts, iTunes and so on) and you start submitting your info. Gee, it’s pretty tedious typing this stuff in, eh?

First tip: Register with iTunes first, then take a day off. You see, when you register with many other podcast directories, they will ask for your iTunes information. Having it handy will make your life much easier.

Second tip: Create a file with all your registration data, so that you can quickly copy and paste it at each registration site. At the very least, you’ll need your:
podcast name
RSS feed
podcast URL
Web site URL
email address
iTunes info

When you’re all done, watch your numbers grow as your podcast gets listed and picked up.


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