In a recent post, Sean Moffitt reminds us of Free Hugs, which many people watched in 2006.

I cry every time I see this powerful video. Is it the visual image itself? The music? The combination? Maybe it’s the older lady who gets to me.

What do you think? (My16-year-old daughter loves it.)


  1. It WAS a great video, Donna. Very moving. I saw it for the first time when Twist Image included it in their interactive Christmas card.

    Also, since I lived in Australia for two years and visited Sydney a handful of times, I was also trying to work out where the action was taking place.

    Thanks for mentioning the video again!

  2. I made a FREE HUGS T-shirt for myself and now I am selling it on The responce people give me when wearing this shirt is shocking, they want a hug!! It is simple but I think it is on the right track. Just go to and search FREE HUGS, mine is the Blue colored one. I think blue is a softer feeling and it looks go on. Imagine Peace.


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