According to a report in BtoB, which calls itself “the magazine for marketing strategists,” podcasting is becoming more popular in the business community. BtoB says that research firm KnowledgeStorm and ad agency Universal McCann have reported in their survey of 4,000 B2B buyers that the use of podcasts is growing. Specifically, and I quote:

According to the KnowledgeStorm/Universal McCann survey, which was conducted in June [2006], 32% of the respondents said their usage of podcasts has “increased” or “significantly increased” in the last six months. Overall, 41% of respondents said they had listened to podcasts on more than one occasion, while 13% said they “frequently” downloaded them. Yet there are still many b-to-b users unfamiliar with podcasts: 34% said they have “never used” one.

BtoB also says that survey respondents prefer short podcasts (less than five minutes) and usually listen at their desks and not with a portable device.

I tried to get my hands on the KnowledgeStorm report, but wasn’t able to download it as promised from their Web site. And they did not reply to my email. Not nice.

My own experience matches the survey results. More and more of the corporate people I deal with are expressing an interest in podcasts. Even if they’re not yet ready to launch one, they do want to know what it’s all about. And that’s music to my earbuds.


  1. Donna,

    So sorry you had difficulty accessing the report. It is available via our website, however, I have emailed you a copy for your convenience.

    The increasing amount of interest in podcasting from our business-to-business clients is what prompted us to conduct this survey. And the results are prompting more clients to move forward and experiment with the format. We appreciate your interest and commentary regarding the results.

    We will be releasing a similar report that covers blogs and rss technology next month. We look forward to your insights on the upcoming report as well.

    Best regards,

    Matt Lohman
    Director, Market Research


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