In my latest podcast, which you’ll find at the Trafcom News Podcast site, I share a few things I’ve learned after 20+ years of interviewing people for magazine articles, corporate newsletters, case studies, speeches and now podcasts. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments!


  1. Donna,

    Great advice that includes a refresher for more experienced interviewers, and “must-knows” for newbies.

    I would add that it helps to begin the interview with a brief summary of the reason for, or main goal of, the interview. This helps keep the initial conversation focused, and assures the interviewee that you don’t plan to “surprise” him/her.

    I also try to ask some very simple question at the start, such as: “Would you confirm your title/department name for me?” I’ve noticed that this allows nervous interviewees to relax because they don’t have to think hard about the answer.

  2. I’m new to podcasting – I’d just like to point out that it’s not always just the interviewee that’s nervous!

    I’m certainly going to be using some of these tips (having a chat before hand, teeing the interview up well in advance, etc) not just to relax my interview subject, but also to relax myself.

  3. Tom, that’s a good point about the simple questions at the beginning and the brief summary. With busy interview subjects, sometimes they truly forget WHY you are there to talk to them! Especially true of CEOs. I usually explain my presence when I arrive!

    Paull, I like your point about putting YOURSELF at ease!! I never thought if it that way. However, I just listened to YOUR interview with Phil Gomes. You did a great job with your questions.


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