Thanks to the PubSub PR list (and Constantin Basturea), I discovered Sally Falkow’s blog with this excellent post on the #1 mistake bloggers make. Funny enough, this topic came up in a conversation I had with a colleague yesterday. He wondered why more bloggers don’t email their top content to people. Sally makes an excellent argument for doing so.

I’ve sung this tune on my own blog in the past (here and here). And I’ll say it again: All your clients and prospects have not yet converted to RSS and blogs, and you need every means necessary to reach them. Sometimes that means email or even, egads, print.


  1. At a presentation last week on an (updated) media relations management tool, I was absolutely floored to discover that some journalists are now listing their preferred means of receiving news releases as…wait for this…fax. Yep. Seems they are so inundated with electronic media (e-mail and feeds) that they want some tactile, paper documents to sift through. Not all journalists, by any means, but enough examples were shown to give me pause. (Up until now I thought it was only small, community newspapers that still preferred fax or mail. But these were journalists at a couple of major media outlets.)

  2. Fax, eh? Maybe we should just go out and buy some cuneiform tablets and a sharp stick.

    I guess the lesson is: Find out which medium the person prefers and then use it (within reason).

    I must say that I do send a printed newsletter to clients annually, and it DOES get their attention because so few folks use this quaint method of communication called print. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Judy!


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