I liked this in
Hacking Cough
by Chris Edwards, who writes about the distinction between jargon and euphemism. How’s this for a beautiful, non-weasel turn of phrase:

There is a difference between jargon, the dialects that make technology just that little bit more distant, and euphemism, the attempts to polish a turd into something shinier and more attractive. They are different, because the turd-polishing phrases turn up everywhere, not just in technology-related material. There is a simple test to work out which is which. Just try to rewrite the sentence in plain English. The euphemisms will drop conveniently out of sight. But that is the source of the irritation that most hacks have with this kind of language. It is entirely unnecessary and just wastes your time.

Chris goes on to list examples that will help you weed out the weasel words in your own writing. Thanks, Chris.


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