I wonder what a psychologist would say. You see, I consider flying a necessary evil that transports me from Point A to Point B. Being trapped in a metal tube hurtling through the air at 600 mph is not my idea of a fun time. Even on a long flight, I cannot surrender to slumber because only my full concentration is keeping the plane aloft. (I know it’s crazy talk, ok?)

So why do I love the Fly With Me podcast? This monthly show features Joe d’Eon, a pilot who takes his portable recorder to work. He’s talented and reassuring and even funny at times (I don’t want him to be too funny, with his serious day job). Show #7 was particularly fascinating, with its conversations with passengers who have a fear of flying, and an interview with a pilot who has no fear. It also reveals what pilots fear most. It’s not what you think!

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  1. When you fly WestJet, there is a definite passenger fear of the pilot(s) trying to be funny. But gosh darn it, are the staff ever friendly compared to you-know-what airline!

    (I experienced some of that lack of charm/engagement on the red-eye home this weekend, when the attendant was not the least bit interested in finding me a blanket.)


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