Gee, here I thought it was time for a break, but Lee Hopkins has pleaded for MORE on targeting your message to your audience. Depends on the audience, Lee. But you already know that.

You have to do a little research first. Who is my audience? Are they engineers? Administrative assistants? Lawyers? What is their core need? What motivates them? What makes them happy? What frustrates them? Where else are they getting information?

Example: I am now writing a video script for a product that will be sold to real-estate agents. To do this, I have to get into the real-estate-agent headspace. How? First, I ask my client (the video producer) what he knows about this audience. I ask the above questions about motivation and core need, etc. Then I talk to real-estate agent friends. Then I go online to see what real-estate agents are reading. (Of course I also read the existing marketing collateral that my client already has.) See? Now I can think a little more like an agent. No, I’m not going to simmer a pot of vanilla on my stove, but you get the idea.



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