After listening to podcasts for months, reading and writing about podcasts, and even creating audio content for clients, I’m happy to announce the first podcast for Trafalgar Communications! Please let me know what you think.

Trafcom News, Show #1 from Donna Papacosta, Trafalgar Communications, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Download the file here (MP3, 3.3 MB, 7:45).

In today’s show:
Intro: What do Disney, IBM, Purina and Paris Hilton have in common? Podcasting!
About this podcast: for people who care about communication
Real-life examples of organizations using podcasts
Podcasting news
Where to send comments
Outro: Music from the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet

Links for sites mentioned in the show:
Disney,Purina, IBM, Paris Hilton (Warner Bros.),
CBS Guiding Light, Purdue University,
McMaster University School of Engineering, Apple and Motorola,
GM White Roof Radio, Reverend Tim,
Podshow, Podcast Alley, Podshow Podsafe Music

If you have comments or questions about the Trafcom News podcast, or suggestions for future shows, send an email to



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