I pulled myself away from blogging for a few days to devote my time to client projects and my podcast (have you listened yet?). As I finished polishing a magazine piece, I thought of the advice I’ve given people in my own writing workshops. You see, I was having trouble saying goodbye to a particular sentence, even though the editing process revealed it was unnecessary and had to go.

Here comes the advice… The best writing comes from re-writing, but you can’t do a good job of re-writing if you allow yourself to fall in love with your own words. Have you ever avoided cutting a sentence or phrase because you thought it was so original or so cute? Even professional writers feel a pang of sorrow when they discover that the words they love are actually flabby phrases, unproductive sentences or redundant paragraphs. Remember this: you’ll be a better writer if you learn to edit yourself without mercy. Amen.


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