Friday, January 20, 2017


Talking about the business of podcasting

In two recent podcast episodes, Steve Lubetkin and I, co-authors of The Business of Podcasting, discussed the business side of podcasting. In our conversations, Steve...

Cool apps to try: news, photos, even yoga

I love technology, especially when it makes my life easier and helps me to access information I need. This is a busy time of...

Best practices for internal podcasting

In 11 years of podcasting, I’ve produced all kinds of content, mostly for marketing/public relations/thought leadership. But there’s another constant: internal podcasts. We don’t hear...


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Why Podcast?

Can a 20-something be a social media expert?

At last night’s IABC/Toronto Professional Independent Communicators (PIC) meeting, Anita Windisman did a terrific presentation on LinkedIn. In reviewing the tweets generated during Anita’s...

Intro to Podcasting

I think I “get it”

One cool job ad